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Meet Tiffani


Tiffani Marroquin

Global REALTOR | Investor | Consultant

Replacing fear of the unknown with love for adventure, fun, and craving for new experiences and places. 

Tiffani is a professional REALTOR® that helps entrepreneurs and investors create wealth through creative home buying, selling, and investing. Starting her real estate career 12 years ago selling real estate education for multifamily investing and partnerships, to listing bank-owned properties during the Great Recession, on to acquisitions and dispositions for a large hedge fund, all while managing and supporting individual investors and herself in buying and holding properties, renovating and selling properties, ultimately helping investors build 7 figure wealth, freedom, and happiness. 

She has proven to have a natural ability to analyze deals and set them up for maximum returns. Her creative strategy has given way to years of successful investing. She looks forward to helping you make sure you are making the smartest, safest, and most lucrative investment. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a new personal residence, relocate, or purchase income producing properties she has you covered. Her affinity for travel and her love for real estate investing lead her to obtain the Certified International Property Specialist(CIPS) designation in 2018. Less than 4,000 REALTORS worldwide hold this designation. Holding this prestigious designation allows her to be part of a network that will better assist a global economy. 

Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica anyone?!